Promoting the Breed

Promoting the breed takes highlighting the positive aspects of the breed to a target audience. The target audiences you might want to engage could be pet owners, performance homes, exhibitors, and new breeders. These audiences may be in a variety of places including online and in person.

We’ll go over a variety of places in which you can find these groups on the website and social media tips.  Here, we’ll discuss how to promote the breed in person!

Participate in Meet the Breed events at shows – If a local dog show is having a meet the breed event, it is a great opportunity to show others about your little lion. For most shows, the way to sign up is by simply emailing the designated contact listed the premium.

Take your Lion Dog out in public – take your lion dog out in public and let people meet them. This is something that everyone can do. Let the public meet your little lion!

Have a 30 second spiel prepared on why you love the breed – when you are discussing your dog with others, be sure to have a short spiel on why you love your little lion. Highlight the breed’s best qualities and let the world know why you chose this fun breed.