Something Worth Saving


Lowchens are of the best hidden treasures in the dog world. Evidence of this ancient European breed has been found as far back as the 1400s. Originally a companion breed, they are easy to train, lively, and sweet. The Löwchen make great performance dogs, excelling in obedience, rally, agility, and many other sports. They are also nonshedding and overall very health and robust. These little guys are great for those with allergies.

A steady decline in the number of Lowchens registered globally has brought the future of the Lowchen to the forefront of many conversations. The Lowchen almost went extinct in the past, and endangerment is certainly looming ahead now.

This website was generated for the sole purpose of helping recruit new Lion Lovers to the breed to ensure responsible stewardship for decades to come. We need to grow our quantity of healthy dogs that are representative of the breed standard. This isn’t about whether or not you have enough dogs in your own home today, but how many dogs are available to ensure the longevity of the breed and heterogeneity in the gene pool.

Discovery – How do we get people to discover the breed? We need to be digitally present and physically present. Optimizing the ability for people to find dogs like the löwchen is part of the website and social media campaigns. Our websites need to rank higher when people are searching for small, non-shedding, companion dogs. We also need to be physically present in the public, taking our well-behaved lions out in public, participating in meet the breed, and showing off the wonderful virtues of our little lions.

Support – How do we support our owners and breeders? We should build a strong support for our current owners and breeders to support them in ALL that we go through as pet owners. In owning dogs, we will all go through difficult times with our lowchens, and it is critical that each and every single lion lover feels supported and connected to the community.

Growth – We need to grow our numbers by recruiting others who may be interested in a little lion. There is no shortage of demand for loving, non-shedding, and healthy pets. We should be helping others discover the joy of löwchen and grow their passion for the breed.

Retention – While it is natural for löwchen lovers to not always have one in their home, oftentimes, people leave breeds due to social factors. We should do all that we can to ensure that people retain their passion for the breed by making the community a welcome place for all and ensuring that we connect those looking for their next lion to breeders.

Many have already raised their hands to steward the breed into the future. Who else will help?